通常我们在Python中安装OpenCV都是直接用pip install opencv-python

今天想用Anaconda Navigator安装的时候,在面板中搜索到有libopencv, opencv, py-opencv共三个包,而且三者的描述都是同样的’Computer vision and machine learning software library‘,瞬间迷惑:laughing:


  1. OpenCV is computer vision a library written using highly optimized C/C++ code. It makes use of multiprocessing in the background. It has a collection of a large number of algorithms tested and verifiend by the developers. The best thing about this is it’s FREE under the BSD license.
  2. libopencv is only a metapackage. These packages do not contain actual software, they simply depend on other packages to be installed. So libopencv is a metapackage which simply references one or more related packages which are loosely grouped together. It is dedicated for installing OpenCV in Ubuntu and Debian OS.
  3. Python-OpenCV is the OpenCV library available as a wrapper with bindings for python. The link also shows how to install OpenCV in Ubuntu OS.


Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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